The Ti-energy bracelet protects the wearer from radiation and keeps fatigue away. Wearing it helps relax the body and improve health. It is currently the world’s most fashionable and environmentally-friendly way to stay healthy. Tiens offers 4 types of Bracelet series;

1- Crystal Black, Men Edition

2- Magic White, Women Edition

3- Glaring Golden, Women Edition

4- Elegant Black, Men Edition


 Enhance immunity, and alleviate fatigue• Adjust abnormal bio-currents and magnetic fields in the human body• Reduce the production of free radicals, and slow down the aging process• Relieve the sore parts of the body, elevate muscle stiffness• Dispel fatigue• Help the body to organize disorderly current• Relax the mind and relieve muscle tension• Boost the activation of nerve cells, and alleviate physical discomfort• Enhance immunity, scavenge free radicals, and fight against aging